How to plan your kitchen

It can be overwhelming tackling renovations, and there are certain areas of the home that need extra skill and detailed thinking to get right. Here are some key things to think about before you start on the kitchen renovation journey.

STEP 1: Think about the existing space

What works and what doesn’t?
Assess the existing layout, taking note of what works and what doesn’t. Think about what you would like to change.

STEP 2: Decide on style and function

Think about the relationship between the kitchen and the rest of your home. Does the style of the new kitchen need to blend with an existing style within your home, or will the new kitchen dictate a fresh new feel to the place?

STEP 3: Choose appliances

It’s easy to spend a lot of time thinking about what your new kitchen style is, but you must, however, retain a sense of practicality as there are certain items that will determine the break-up of the space within the kitchen.

Write a checklist of what you will require; refrigerator, oven, cook top, rangehood, sink, dishwasher, microwave, toaster etc. Its good to know the dimensions of each new appliance, or the dimensions of any existing items you may be re-using in the new kitchen.

STEP 4: Assess your storage needs

Think about what you need to store away. Write a list of all the appliances you own that need storing, and recycle the ones you don’t need or haven’t used in more than five years! Think about the pantry area you will need. Does the floor space allow for a walk-in pantry or will it be part of the overall cupboards.